What is this thing called LOVE?

Recently the question of whether or not President Obama loves this country has surfaced in the media. Rudy Giuliani, in particular, has been roundly criticized by the Left for suggesting that he does not – or at least does not show it enough. How can one discern whether one loves someone or something? Who can get inside a heart to know the truth? Nobody! But wait; there is another way for outsiders to make a reasonable guess.

Let us pretend that love is on the witness stand, from which vantage point we might learn something about the state of Mr. Obama’s affections. In any love affair we have a suitor; this will be the president, and his potential bride, America and Americans. Let us start at the beginning of the courtship. Mr. Obama did not, by all accounts, fall in love with America. It was a lengthy courtship and an arranged marriage instigated by prominent Chicago ‘marriage brokers’ who saw great advantage by pairing up Mr. Obama with America. But even arranged marriages can turn out well if both parties get

The first hallmark of a lover – falling madly in love – is missing in Mr. Obama’s case. But once he decided to take his ‘bride,’ we can perhaps discern from his outward actions whether he fell in love after the ceremony or is gallantly carrying on the pose for the family’s sake. What are the characteristic signs of a lover? Pride and admiration for starters. Yet, Mr. Obama announced even before took his vows that he wanted to “transform” his love. Why? Was she that repulsive? Fortunately, his potential bride did not take umbrage at the insult, and in fact seemed quite agreeable to the idea of being transformed, even if she had no clear indication from what, and into what.

It is a given that a proud husband would express his admiration for his beloved. Instead, Mr. Obama on his first trip overseas did nothing but apologize for his new bride’s shortcomings and past transgressions. But his words also gave the impression that he had a bride who brought such awesome responsibilities that only he could reform her. Strangely, she did not flinch from being exposed so cruelly, and later when the prospect of a ‘divorce’ arose, she turned it down resolutely. Her spouse obviously knew best, and she looked to him for guidance. Many saw problems in the marriage, but their voices were muted by the great outpouring of affection that arose from every quarter. But if America the bride hoped for respect from her spouse, it has yet to arrive even after 7 years of ‘marriage.’

Mr. Obama was not the average suitor or lover; he assumed proportions of a demi-god, and while he could belittle his bride, he signaled that she and her troublesome brood had better not talk back – or face “serious consequences”! What else would a loving husband do? He would protect his love. Yet Mr. Obama has done everything to undermine her security, leaving her anxious, insecure, and vulnerable. Lovers also bestow gifts upon their beloved. Well, Mr. Obama has bestowed trillions of dollars of gifts, but the only problem is that his bride has to pay for them.

Someone in love also trusts his beloved, and will accord her liberty and respect her independence. Mr. Obama’s has shown that he believes that only he can determine what’s best for his bride, doling out freedoms like a miser. And he is not embarrassed to sweet talk her publicly while abusing her behind her back, even undermining her framework to which she owes her awesome beauty.

To sum up then, a lover expresses his admiration, respect, and passion at every opportunity. Does Mr. Obama proclaim himself lucky to be accepted by and possess such a delightful creature? Is it possible that Mr. Obama loves America for the ‘dowry’ she brought with her and the joy he gets in spending it? You figure it out.