Alexandra Mark is a graduate of Boston University, with a master’s degree in Spanish and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Boston College. She is the  author of two books on astrology, Astrology for the Aquarian Age and Marriage Made in Heaven. She studied privately with Dorothea Lynde, Margaret Hone and the Jeff Mayo and earned a Certificate and Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. Years of research and counseling, specializing in synastry, produced a revolutionary statistical study, “Sun-Moon and Venus-Mars Ties as a Prognosticator in Divorce”.

Dr. Mark is the author of two additional works; The Pied Pipers of Sex, a candid expose of the ethical and moral pitfalls of the sexual revolution and Let’s Get Martha! How the Feds Went Crime Shopping, a lucid exposition of the fundamentally unfair trial of Martha Stewart.

A graduate of the John Robert Powers’ Agency, Dr. Mark is a former model, socialite, composer and artist and current political activist. Dr. Mark lives in Newport, Rhode Island with her husband, Dr. Vernon Mark.

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